Eris nezha, alongside his wife Petra Conti, is the
Artistic Director of the Z-Ballet Masters Project!

Eris Nezha now offers:


Eris Nezha now offers Role Development Assistance and Consulting for actors, dancers, entertainers who need tailored artistic and technical advice to play their upcoming role in a play, movie or ballet.

This idea comes from the very fact that Eris has been recognized as an artist that truly embraces every role he plays. 

His  experience and expertise in embodying  every part with authenticity, has led him to offer consulting and advice for artists that want to fully embrace the character they will play. 

 Whether is to clean your execution, cure your interpretation, add personality to your character, or receive critical evaluation of your progress, Eris can help you reach your goal as an artist.


Eris Nezha offers Individual and Personalized Coaching to dancers and artists of all ages and levels. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional dancer, Eris is there to help you challenge yourself, go beyond your mental and physical limits and fears, and become a better version of yourself. 

Do you need a coach to help you with your upcoming dance competition?

Do you need somebody who can help you master that step or that combination you still struggle with? 

Do you need advice on how to improve your flexibility, technique, expression, or confidence?

Eris can help you with these and any other needs you have! He brings in his knowledge, expertise, passion and patience... you just have to bring in your motivation!


Eris Nezha is an experienced Ballet Master.


He offers Master Classes for all ages and levels. 

Eris teaches a ballet class that is simple in steps yet challenging in execution: his main focus is on technical quality, musicality, and coordination. 

He is able to motivate students to push beyond their limits, and puts them at ease with his friendly presence. 

Eris is mainly active in the Greater Los Angeles area, but also offers Master Classes worldwide.


If you are a ballet school, you can also buy a package of Master Classes with Eris, to use at different times throughout the year.



Eris is renowned for his partnering skills. 

When he was young,  he spent a lot of time learning the art of partnering from Russian teachers that were once famous for their partnering abilities, teachers of the caliber of Leonid Nikonov. 

Thanks to his extensive career, Eris's experience in partnering keeps growing everyday.

Worldwide famous ballerinas like Svetlana Zakharova, Natalia Osipova, Evgenia Obraztsova, Alina Somova have felt very confident and secure in the arms of Eris Nezha.

Eris loves to explain the mechanisms, teach technical tricks, and overall help students become stronger partners. 


Eris has performed all of the biggest classic roles and most of the contemporary and neo-classic ones. 

Because of his worldwide career, his experience is so extensive that he is able to give advice to any student or professional dancer on any piece. 

He offers individual as well as multiple-students repertoire classes.